Wednesday, March 21, 2007

sleepless nightsss


It is a hectic week. I knew it months ago. Yet, i took up the challenge to face it. So, with three assignments due this week, I am and have been spending sleepless nights working on it. Tomorrow i will submit one massive assignment on Curriculum Studies. Yet, i have yet to finish it. Am waiting for Doreen to go online to send me her file (same group). It seems very likely that i will be spending another sleepless night tonight.

I still have one assignment after the tomorrow's submission. it dues this Friday, and i have not started a thing yet. *gasp* Dieeeeeeee.... nvm la.... i will survive. another few sleepless nights ahead.

After all the assignment submission this Friday, i'm so gotta get myself a good sleep plus a get away from this place. This place is killing me softly and i cannot let myself die here. There are so many things i wanna do after this Friday. hopefully, i can get some of them done.

Till then,
get back to work!


At 7:31 AM , Anonymous glo said...

press on press on press on!!

2 more days to friday then you can have a good good good good zzzzzz dy!!! :)

wil be praying for you ^)^

God will grant you the strength and endurance to finish up ur work ;) hang in there o (^^)9!!!


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