Thursday, June 15, 2006


They say Wellington has the weirdest weather in the whole world (probably). I couldn't agree more. I'm pretty glad that today's weather is good, as in it's sunny and windy (mild one). I woke up exactly 12 noon today. Turning my head, i saw that Jarod was still sleeping. I lied back down again, hoping to catch another hour of good sleep. But my head just couldn't doze off anymore. So, I got no other choices than to wake up to greet a new day.

I slided the curtain wide, and the huge sunny day greeted my day. 'Cool~' i was thinking. 'what a sunny day' i told myself as i logged into my MSN Messenger. And, there i saw Ziera who was onlining. 'Lambton Quay? sounds good?' 'awesome!' I replied.

Getting a lunch was exactly what i was thinking when i went out of the house. The sun here though may look sunny here, the weather's freaking cold and windy here - 12 degrees, making my stomach felt even hungrier. A cheap and nice eating place? SUBWAYS! There we walked, heading to the Subways opposite Courteney's Place. Looking at the menu and price of those food, i wished i would have been in Brisbane now. Back there, i could have a 6-inch + a drink for just $5.95. Here, a single footlong cost me $6. Aargh... no choice, had to eat also.

After makan, we walked around the Wellington city, waterfront, walking past Te Papa, wharf. The weather that day was really awesome. With the wind blowing against my cheek and chest, i nod my head walking, zipping up my light-brown color jacket. Ziera and i walked passed the wharf, and the port where all yachts are based.

The waterfront: Wellington's got lots of rich people


At 8:53 PM , Blogger ah^kam koko' said...

sweet as!
remember tat faithful nite?
u, me, nesa & guna?

At 9:38 AM , Anonymous aihui said...

:) nice one. makes me feel like going to wellington dy, despite the scary wind there :)

ur writing gentle and nice :) like it a lot, makes me feel comfortable and warm.

keep blogging la ^_^


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