Thursday, September 07, 2006

little time

These few days see me hiding myself in my room struggling to get myself organized with all the upcoming assignments. i cannot imagine the end of this semester approaching this soon. it's like imagining myself drowning into a deep well, struggling to climb myself out.

Though assignments and assignments are pilling up, one interesting thing i observe psychologically is that i am not as tension as i should be. i am not sure why and what happen. no idea. in my mind, i just have one thinking, getting this thing done. And since it's one shot, make it your best shot.

Also, lately i have been sleeping very late and for very few hours - 3-4 night hours. Interestingly, i woke up with no headache, though i might have a small headache in te arvo, which ends me with a short nap, and everything will be perfect again.

i am not sure when this kind of lifestyle going to continue. but i know, before i reach the end of this journey, this semester, i will give myself a best shot to everything i am doing. blerkk... :p gotta go liao... can't blog everyday, but will try to. :)


At 6:55 PM , Anonymous glo said...

kesian nia. do take care o. eat well, rest well, work well..and dun jump on the treadmill again, even if see lenglui also dun jump ah :p xixi.

all the best for everything u do! semoga mencapai cita-cita!! :)



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